CFP in coronavirus times

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Every day, new measures are being taken around the world in connection with coronavirus. Healthcare providers, teachers, entrepreneurs and employees: everyone can now see and feel the consequences of the current pandemic. But it is precisely in uncertain times such as these that we find it important to keep looking ahead. In this article, you can read how the team at CFP Green Buildings is dealing with the current situation. 

We are very concerned about all those who are suffering from the virus and subject to the restrictions. Our thoughts are particularly with all the people who have been infected, all those working in the care sector and for public authorities, and all people in risk groups. We care about all those who, like us, are worried about what will happen over the coming months.

 We are hopeful about the current situation in China. Who would have thought six weeks ago that the number of new infections would drop almost to zero and that more than 90% of the people affected would have recovered? We are hopeful due to the decisiveness of the people around us and the new sense of community in the Netherlands. And finally, we are hopeful because we will not allow ourselves to have any other thoughts.

CFP in coronavirus times

For CFP we are working as normally as we can – however impossible that may seem:

Working from home

The health of our employees and customers is paramount. For this reason, we are now working mainly from home. If we do have to work on-site, we do so in a responsible manner and avoid public transport. Through our work for our customers and for sustainability, we remain focused on the future. 

CFP Online Tool and digital recording of energy assessment

CFP’s digital tools enable 300,000 owners and users of buildings to consider and take sustainable measures themselves, without the physical presence of consultants. If our consultants can provide support with Skype or by telephone, we do so without charge. We carry out on-site energy assessments digitally where possible. In this way, we minimise site visits and we use the time to make progress so that later we can use less energy and produce less CO2.

Looking a few months ahead

In uncertain times such as these, it is important to keep looking ahead. Will the situation last until the end of April, the end of May or the end of June? If China is a benchmark, we should be able to return to normal in the near future. Therefore, we have adjusted our costs as much as possible to the current situation and we will continue to try and support our customers where possible. We are also making use of this time to create new digital platforms so that in future you will be able to become energy and CO2-neutral, and in this way we will hopefully contribute to a safe and sustainable world for everyone. Our work is therefore continuing as usual and we will try to serve you as well as we can.

Our first priority at present is to provide physical and mental help to our parents, children and other loved ones. And we offer this to you, too, as a business relation of CFP. If we can do anything to help you today, we are there for you. Even if it has nothing to do with sustainability.

On behalf of all employees of CFP Green Buildings,
Bram Adema

If you have any questions in response to this message, please contact us at or call us on +31 (0)55-3555199.

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