Sustainable Real Estate Delft

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How do we help entrepreneurs to become more sustainable? An issue for which CFP Green Buildings, the Municipality of Delft and Rabobank got together. This week is Dutch Green Building Week and time for an answer.

Sustainable Real Estate Delft

This week the Municipality of Delft, CFP and Rabobank, together with various partners, launched the project: Sustainable Real Estate Delft. The aim of Sustainable Real Estate Delft is to help entrepreneurs earn money from sustainability and to encourage them to take action. An online platform gives entrepreneurs an insight into the current state of their premises in terms of sustainability and EPC. On the website, entrepreneurs receive a sustainability scan of their real estate and sustainability measures are presented.

CO2 reduction of 75,000 tonnes per year

In order to help businesses, Rabobank offers an advisory meeting with an independent specialist. The costs of that meeting are paid for by Rabobank and the municipality. According to current insights, an investment of 100 million euros to make Delft’s real estate more sustainable could save 25 million euros a year in energy costs, 70% of the EPCs would become green and a CO2 reduction of 75,000 tonnes a year would be achieved.

This is a project in which entrepreneurs obtain insight, are informed of possibilities and receive advice. We want to join forces with partners and entrepreneurs in the field of knowledge, network and financing in order to meet the goals of the climate agreement.

– Tjerk-Martijn Mulder, board chairman of Rabobank in Delft.


The project is a cooperative venture between CFP Green Buildings, Energieke Regio, Rabobank Real Estate Finance, Rabobank Sectormanagement, Rabobank Zuid-Holland Midden, Municipality of Delft, Stichting Centrum Management Delft and TU Delft.