Namaste! Help to improve the living conditions in Nepal

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Namaste! Help to improve the living conditions in Nepal
In collaboration with various NGOs, we will be supporting projects in Nepal. By having the projects carried out by the local population, we will prevent inhabitants from having to move abroad in search of work and income. CFP has set up two projects for which all help is welcome.

The two projects will be financed from the Netherlands, but the local population will be in charge of the realisation. In October, we will be going to Nepal to see the first results. The focus of the projects is to improve the living conditions, health, and well-being of hundreds of Nepalese. We will be doing this in the following two ways.

Ecotourism in Tang Ting

Tang Ting is nestled in the Annapurna region and lies in the middle of the rugged nature of the Himalayas. The local population is rich in culture and would like to share this with other people. Home stays, cultural activities, and treks through the mountains provide a unique experience. At the moment, many inhabitants have no choice but to move to the major cities and the Middle East to earn a living. By supporting and promoting tourism in Tang Ting more employment is created, allowing inhabitants to support their families, without being forced to move to far-off cities. At the same time, tourism may not adversely affect nature, culture, and life in Tang Ting. The focus of our project is to offer resources with which this form of ecotourism can be set up. With these resources, the inhabitants of Tang Ting can provide more employment and financial independence.

Improving well-being and health in Kiratikhola

Colourful and culturally rich Nepal is a land of extremes. No less than 125 different castes and ethnic groups live together and various languages and dialects are spoken. Here, the Himalayas, forests, rice paddies, and even savannahs are rich in biodiversity. Approximately 30 million Nepalese live in Nepal. Many live in remote areas, without running water, sewers, or any source of income. Traditionally, there is mainly work in agriculture, but sustainable tourism offers the solution for improving living conditions for the local population.

The Kiratikhola community is improving its quality of life by creating access to safe drinking water, improving diet, and thereby improving health and hygiene facilities. In order to achieve these goals, the programme has two components. One is the development of infrastructure for safe drinking water and the reach of amenities, including toilets. Infrastructure provides a better, more hygienic, and healthier situation. The other component is the People Empowerment Program (PEP). The goal of this programme is to promote healthy and ecological living, and the improvement of personal hygiene. In order to realise these two goals, water systems are being constructed, toilets are being built, hygienic gardening is being promoted, and information is offered to increase awareness of health and hygiene.

Local project management

The local population will be carrying out the projects. The projects will be developed in collaboration with organisations like the local Red Cross, Shanti Griha, and the Unica Foundation. Local project managers are involved and are the link between the team of volunteers in the Netherlands and the local population in Nepal.

Contribute to these projects

As a sponsor, you will make a major contribution to the projects in Nepal. We have various options for contributing. More information available via 055-355 51 99 or

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